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To be checked
In progress


  1. replenish analysis about huanbo's new system


  1. Analysis
    • Hydrogen bond number between DMPCs
    • Hydrogen bond life time between DMPCs
    • Orientation correlation between DMPCs
    • upload all pdb sequences to dropbox


  1. Simulation
    • Finished all simulation systems
  2. Required calculation
    • Generate pdb sequences for three kinds of motions
    • calculated MSD and diffusion constant for all systems
  3. Paper
    • Do analysis for newly generated systems and replot figures with matlab
    • Rework on new version of paper based on Dr Cheng's main idea
  4. Calculations for huanbo
    • Calculate scattering function in order to correspond with experimental results
  5. Calculation for Veerendra
    • Calculate neutron scattering function (by SASSENA) with pdb sequence generated by me